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Why Kids Should Learn the Guitar at a Young Age


It’s no secret that children can benefit significantly from music, especially when learning to play for themselves. An excellent choice for doing so is the guitar. It’s versatile, sounds great and kids will no doubt think it looks cool!

Music is a universal language that can be loved and understood by all, so why not encourage your child to pick up this wonderful gift and share their sounds with the world?
Read on to learn more about the benefits of music and why kids should learn the guitar at a young age.

It will boost their intellectual capacity

Learning of any kind can provide a brain boost, and getting to grips with an instrument is no exception. From building concentration and learning ability through learning to play the guitar, you may well find that your child starts to improve and excel in other areas as well as just music.

Learning an instrument will also improve memory retention, helping your child to learn important facts and figures that can help them out in class.

It provides a sense of achievement

Your child will feel great about themselves if they’re able to say they’ve accomplished something significant, such as a new song on the guitar. Remember this is a great achievement, so go ahead and reward them the same way you would for getting a great report card.

It’s an effective emotional outlet

Playing music to match your mood can be an effective way to let out your feelings without having to say a word. It can be very therapeutic for clearing out pent up stress!

It will allow your child to express themselves

Music is a great way for your child to reflect their personal style. As they begin to identify with certain genres, it will help them create an image of who they are and what they like.

It promotes teamwork and balance

Whether they play in a school music group or form a band with their friends, a good jam session takes teamwork, compromise and the ability to listen – all of which are great life skills for your child to build on.

It’s a physical workout

Did you know that playing the guitar can burn up to 90 calories per hour? Ensuring your kids get exercise is important, but it’s worth noting that playing the guitar is a workout in itself! By playing, your child will build and strengthen their arm, finger, hand and even leg muscles!

It gives kids the coolest bragging rights

Okay, so showing off isn’t encouraged – but learning to play the guitar will give your child the perfect chance to strike up a conversation with other kids who are into music or play an instrument.
They’ll feel great about being able to demonstrate their skills to their peers and will benefit socially from making friends with common interests.

It’s fun!

Perhaps most importantly, learning to play the guitar is a fun-filled activity that your kids are bound to enjoy, so why not give it a try?

Considering all these benefits, combined with the fact it’s something your child could truly love, it’s easy to understand why kids should learn the guitar at a young age!

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