Top 10 Tips for Practicing Guitar

In the list below there may be a view tips that aren’t very helpful for beginner guitar players but if you are a beginner, try and remember them for later. Consider these the top 10 commandments of guitar practise. I also included a video which will explain better what I am attempting to convey in this article.

By keeping these basic ideas in mind and then sticking to them can make an enormous impact on how fast you learn to play the guitar.

So here we go:

  1. Don’t practice what you can, practice what you can’t!
  2. Practice to get it right and without any mistakes.
  3. Get it right by first starting out slow. Then speed it up.
  4. You can save time by using a timer.
  5. Only focus on one exercise at a time.
  6. It’s better to a do a little bit every day
  7. Use a schedule to keep track of your practice and your results.
  8. Sometimes technique is not important because if it sounds good, then it is!
  9. Playing and Practicing are NOT the same, try not to confuse the two.
  10. Thinking while playing makes for a terrible player. Practice until it becomes second nature.


Here’s a question I get all the time…

If I finish the practice routines you teach me, and I have more time, what else can I do?

I always suggest taking a short break (like 15 mins) to clear your mind. Then start over! Remember, perfect practice makes perfect.

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