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5 Reasons to Engage In Finger Exercises for Guitar Players


If you love playing the guitar, you will agree that it takes a lot of practice and endurance to perfect the art. In most cases, everyday is a learning day with guitar playing. Other than regular and consistent practice, however, how well you play the instrument will be determined by how strong, fast, and flexible your fingers are. These are just some of the reasons why finger exercises for guitar are important to an enthusiast of the instrument.

There are various types of guitar finger exercises, each with a specific end goal. Some examples include progression exercises, stretching exercises, as well as finger strength exercises. Without some of these exercises, most guitar players end up inducing pain on some of their fingers, including the wrist, palm, and forearm. In such a case, the frets may not come out as clearly as they should due to the underlying pain. To go straight to the main point, why are finger exercises for guitar players overly important? Here are some reasons why you should build an exercise routine for your fingers, especially if you are a frequent or full-time guitar player.

Help Avoid Pains and Injuries

Sometimes your fingers or some parts of your arm such as the wrist and the forearm may experience pain, especially after extended periods of guitar playing. It goes without saying that painful hands or fingers may not do their best as far as speed, precision and timing are concerned. Without these, it can be extremely hard to produce good music. With consistent engagement in finger exercises for guitar, however, one can get rid of stiffness and tension from the finger muscles and bones, increasing flexibility and endurance to avoid pain and injury to the fingers after playing.

They Increase Finger Strength and Endurance

To be able to play nicely constructed sounds with minimal effort, your fingers have to be strong. Weak fingers lead to low-quality sound production or frets that don’t come out well. A guitar player whose fingers are weak often gets exhausted within a shorter duration of playing as compared to one who frequently engages in guitar finger exercises.

They Help With Proper Finger Positioning

How you position your fingers on the fret-board will determine how quick you will be in changing cords and how easy you will be able to strum the instrument. Since practice makes perfect, finger exercises for guitar are highly important especially for learners willing to discover new playing techniques.

Here’s a great video with some tips on how to change chords quickly…

Exercise Helps With Guitar Playing Speed and Flexibility

Good guitar music is mostly about speed and flexibility of the playing fingers. Guitar finger speed drills not only help improve playing speed but also enhance coordination and heighten dexterity in guitar playing. They also help increase control and agility required for playing good guitar music.

They Warm Up the Fingers and Arms

In most cases, players of different sports will rarely get into the field without warming up. In this case, warm up exercises help increase blood flow to the various muscles and improve the range of motion in joints. Just like with sports, this range of motion and muscular stimulation is important in guitar playing, especially before one gets on stage for a show or a long performance. Warm-up guitar exercises help relieve tension from not only the fingers, but also other regions such as the shoulder, wrist, and arm. In most cases, the result is a long, pain-free performance.

That’s It

There you have it.  There’s enough information here to help your fingers remain loose yet strong so you can become a better guitar player.  As always, I hop you enjoyed it and wish you well on your guitar learning experience!

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