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6 Songs that are Super Easy to Learn on Guitar


Learning to play an instrument is the highest aspiration for some and a dream of many. Sure some people would love to learn how to sing and some wish they could write a novel, but learning to play puts them all in a long shadow.

But, nobody feels cool picking out Mary Had a Little Lamb, that’s right finger picking is a rough skill to learn. It doesn’t have to look like that, though. We put together a list of songs that are easy to learn on the guitar that will help you feel cool.

Smoke On the Water

Starting off with a new guitarist classic, Smoke on the Water is easily one of the most well-known and easiest guitar riffs to play. It is repetitive and easy, not to mention the one riff covers all the fundamentals. There is a good reason this is everyone’s first riff.


Play these four chords and feel like a rock star. With simple chord progressions and a slow pace, this hit song will be an easy way of easing into playing the guitar, like whole songs, not just the one riff.

Born Free Kid Rock

The guitar progression in this song is made up of mostly two chords, it is a relatively slow song, and it translates well from acoustic to electric and back. It is a cool song and making it through is easy.

Teardrop Massive Attack

With the longest chord progression in the list, the opening theme to House may seem intimidating, but it is only four chords. This track picks up the pace a little, but once settled into the unchanging pattern making it to the end won’t be a problem.

If you are not feeling the newer scene, try a more classic set of chords

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Bob Dylan

An easy to play classic everyone will enjoy hearing you play for the first time or the seventh. It is an awesome addition to your repertoire. A slow song makes chord changes easy and smooth.

A Horse with No Name America

Sounds intimidating until you realize that the entire song is played on the same fret. It sounds impressive and is super simple to play. Plus this is a classic song that everyone is sure to recognize easily. The more people who know what song you are playing, the more confidence you will gain.

Just because your fingers are green, and you haven’t broke your strings in yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to play. The only way to change those things and get better is to play. That thing shouldn’t limit you to kiddie songs either, venture into some of these super easy songs to help beginners feel less like…well, beginners.

Whatever you decide to play while you are learning guitar, take it slow and accept the mistakes are inevitable. Don’t give it up, put passion in your life and practice.

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