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Learn how to play the guitar from an experienced teacher

If you live in Oakland, California then you have come to right place to learn how to play guitar.  I am an experienced guitar teacher with many years and credentials behind me.  I’m happy to help all skill levels further their success with my guitar lessons.

Have you ever wanted to learn guitar but were pushed back by the prospect of being a beginner?

Even the greatest rock stars of all time were beginners at some point. The best feeling for any teacher is watching a student grow and develop with commitment and challenge in mind. If you have absolutely no experience playing the guitar or don’t even own one yet, my excitement of watching you evolve from practically scratch to a skilled, talented musician will be all the greater. I can offer guidance in choosing a beginner instrument or lend you one to help you decide if playing guitar is right for you. Spending more than one month’s lessons value on a guitar is not recommended for beginners as they sometimes abandon music after the first several lessons. If you manage to get through the first part of the training, which is usually the hardest, playing the guitar will come naturally, and hard work will always pay off.

Beginner Guitar lessons include:

  1. The basics of playing guitar
  2. Common chords and patterns
  3. Reading simple musical notation and guitar tabs
  4. Strengthening the fingers and developing the general dexterity needed for playing a stringed instrument.

Barre chords are especially difficult to master at first so they will need some extra focus. As they progress, each student will develop their playing style and learning rate and future lessons will be adjusted to fit with their individual goals.

For more experienced players, I can offer guidance in finding their role within a band through interactive lessons as well as jam sessions with myself and other musicians. Playing rhythm, accompaniment, solos, or different scales are all key to an accomplished musician regardless of the position in a band. By going through all of these, I will help you take your musical skills to the next level.

Even advanced players (20+ years of playing) are welcome to find new horizons in music and explore different possibilities by going over the fundamental and intermediate techniques once again. A refreshing recap is a bliss for a rusty talent. With advanced players, lessons will focus on sight reading, right-hand techniques such as sweep-picking or strumming patterns, transcribing sheet music, and exploring new types of music altogether. After all, we learn for as long as we live, and past collaboration with seasoned musicians have even paid off to me as well. Going back to the basics as well as trading tips and tricks with veterans is always time well spent.

With decades spent learning music and guitar, I feel the duty to share my experience with upcoming talented musicians regardless of material compensation.

Teaching Technique

Every person is different regarding both personality and talent. Knowing well that not everyone is responsive to the same approach, in the same way, my lessons are adapted to each musician’s learning rate and direction of progress. After all, progress depends much more on the student than on the teacher. If the student feels engaged and captivated by the experience of playing music, talent is sure to bloom in a unique way in each and every one. That is exactly what my lessons aim to do.

Persistence, discipline as well as effective time management are all important in learning any new skill. The guitar is no exception. While review-based lessons and preparatory work as well as home practice are my preferred teaching methods and have had impressive results in the past, versatile and adaptive plans are also a possibility for those who struggle with finding the time to do everything by the book.

Music has been an integral part of my development as a human being, and there’s nothing better than sharing the experience of creating music with those around. Along the centuries, each and every society has had its music, playing important roles in their culture, ceremonies and rituals.

The price of being able to express feelings and thoughts through a musical instrument freely and without hesitation simply cannot be measured in monitarily. This liberating ability makes its way into all other areas of life, enhancing one’s ability to connect with others as well as the world around us and discover our inner self.

To schedule a lesson or discuss the possibility of starting lessons, please contact me here. Although technical means of communication make it easy for us to get into contact and discuss the details, nothing replaces an old-fashioned face-to-face chat. Feel free to call me if you have any additional questions.

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